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5 Things Every Homeowner/Renter Should Own

Updated: May 20, 2021

Do you want to be a more competent homeowner or renter? Do you want to be able to fix more things around the house? Well if so, we got 5 Things You Should Own. These 5 Things are staples in any handyman's arsenal, and will allow you tackle practically anything.

1. Good Set of Tools

Now hold on a second, there is no need to go crazy take out a second mortgage and then go fill your cart up at Home Depot. But there are still some things to consider before grabbing any tool set off the shelf. First off, what are your specific needs and projects you want to tackle or be able to do? Do you have a lot of work ahead of you or not so much?

Average Starting Point: Hammer, Screwdrivers & a Plunger... I would recommend adding a Drill, a Socket &/or Wrench Set to finish it out. Something to note tools are just like a lot of things the price matters, tool heads will tell you. So, with that being said price vs quality is something to always consider.

2. Dolly

A dolly is might sound like a weird thing to have around the house, but we need to end that stigma. You can move a lot of heavy things a lot easier and it can really save your back. Honestly, the hardest part about using a dolly is remembering you have a dolly. It really is unfortunate that this tool has not built up the reputation of homeowner necessity. Maybe that's because it’s just not one of things you think you need until you have one, but by then it could be to late. So save your back the next you need to move something heavy.

3. A-Frame Ladder or Step Stool

Picking out a ladder is not about getting the biggest ladder available. Do some research, walk around your house, and measure what are the highest places that you would have to reach. If you don’t feel comfortable or don't need a big ladder, a smaller step stool is still a great investment.

4. A Box Cutter

It is time to stop opening boxes with scissors. Box cutters are really cheap, and you can pick them up pretty much anywhere for under $5.00. A pack of replacement razors are usually no more than $1.99. Stop Cluttering your garbage cans with cardboard boxes. Use a Box Cutter to break them down into smaller paces of cardboard. Personally, I think what stops a lot more people from using Box Cutters omes down to a lack of confidence with them. If you're apprehensive about buying one I would recommend opening and closing it without the blade to build some confidence and muscle memory. Then it won’t be so nerve racking with the blade in it.

5. Job site Table/Saw Horses

A versatile working platform will make your life a lot easier and less stressful. Got something you need to paint and don’t want to make a mess, or maybe you just want to work outside more? Well a pair of sawhorses or a jobsite table could be exactly what you need. With a work platform you will no longer have to build that new bathroom cabinet on the floor or even worse the kitchen table. You’ll feel safer cutting that card board up for your next bonfire knowing you won’t scratch any important surfaces. Do you already have a permanent workstation/table? Well, maybe you don’t want to have to move everything you want to work on over to it? Now, you’ll be able to set up shop anywhere and everywhere.

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