November 1st to December 31st

$15.00 off

$25.00 off

Rules for Entry

1. Must Be Following Both the Buffalo-Sales & Buffalo Wholesale Auctions Facebook Pages

2. Must Like & Share at Least 3 Different Posts. from either page, to your Personal Facebook Timeline

Holiday Season



  • This Special Promotion is Based on your Final Total Purchase Amount

  • This Special Promotion can only be used Once per Week

  • This Special Promotion Can Not be Used for Any Online Auction Purchases

  • This Special Promotion Does Not "Stack", Meaning it is only Applied Once (ex: Customer A has a final bill of $750.00. They would be eligible for a $25.00 Discount. Customer B has a final bill of $250.00. They Would be eligible for the same $25.00 Discount)

  • This Special Promotion Does Not Include or Apply to Flooring Purchases, Meaning this Promotion Can Not be used in the Purchase of Any Flooring Material & Flooring Sales Do Not Count Toward either the $150 or $250 Purchase Requirement 

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