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A Good Set of Tools

A Good Set of Tools would consist of many different items based on who you're asking. Our goal here is to give you some examples of what would a good introductory set should include. These tools are versatile and can help you tackle almost any project.


All types of hammers come in a series of sizes, ranging from 8 to 42 ounces. The weight referred to is that of the hammer’s head rather than the tool overall. Lighter weights are fine for simple household tasks, but a heavier weight would be needed for framing and other larger projects. Hammers that weigh considerably more than the average 20-ounce tool we’re talking 32 ounces or more are made for professional construction workers. Some people think you only need one Claw Hammer, but I wouldn’t recommend this. It's usually either too big or too small for the project you're trying to accomplish. I would recommend having Three different types of hammers: a Claw Hammer, a Ball Peen Hammer, and a Rubber Mallet.


The screwdriver hasn't really changed over the years. Although, there are tons of different bits and sizes. So what we would recommend is getting yourself a couple different sizes, a couple of different tips, and lastly, get the ones with the magnetic heads.


Gone are the days of your momma’s plunger, you know what I'm talking about… that ugly Pinkish Red half circle thing. If you or someone you know is still using one of these monstrosities, please, go out and get them one of the new accordion style plungers. They have a much better vacuum and make a lot less mess.

Cordless Drill

Drills & Impact Guns have had so many videos and blogs about comparing brands trying to determine which brand is superior. Check out the Project Farm Youtube Channel for some good tool & product test videos. Regardless, here are some personal favorites: Mikita, Milwaukee, and Rigid. I really like these brands and they can be found at almost any hardware store. Another thing to consider is what type of battery system do you have or want to build up. You don’t want to have a Craftsman Skill Saw, a Dewalt Drill and a Makita Angle Grinder.

Wrench & Socket Sets.

Since wrenches and sockets serve similar purposes I will cover them together. These tools are often overlooked by new tool buyers, but that is a mistake. Any tradesmen will tell you they are essential, and that a 10MM is worth its weight in gold. We would also recommend getting a GearWrench style Wrench set and the extension arm for your socket set. Do yourself a favor, if you overlooked this tool segment go pick yourself up a set, and thank me later.

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